Vol 4, No 1 (2017)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Soc. Adm. Sci. i-iv


What Makes Citizens Satisfied? The Influence of Perceived Responsiveness of Local Administration on Satisfaction with Public Administration
Daniel RÖLLE 1-13
The Impact of the Employment Protection Legislation Reform on the Labor Market’s Flexicurity in Morocco
Saïd TOUFIK, Mohammed-Amine ARKHIS, Youssef OUKHALLOU, Saâd El Baghdadi El BAGDADI 14-26
Political Instability and Lessons for Pakistan: Case Study of 2014 PTI Sit in/Protests
Dawood MAMOON, Rabbia JAVED, Rana Zamin ABBAS 27-37
Change Pressure on Organizational Commitment and Identification: Knowledge and Decision-making Competencies in Government Units
Fu-Sheng TSAI, Wenyi HUANG, Chih-Tsung TAI 38-47
Informatics Carnot Machine in an Optical Fiber
Oded KAFRI 48-52
Assessing Multi-aspects and Integral Sustainability of Bulgarian Farms
Hrabrin Ianouchev BACHEV 53-86
Cybernetic Model of Voting Behavior
Stuti SAXENA 87-104
A Nostalgic Socioeconomic History of Tarar
Sudhanshu K. MISHRA 105-123
Sukuk: Literature Review
Mohamed B. AMRANI, Faris HAMZA, El Hachloufi MOSTAPHA 124-131

Doctoral Thesis Summary

Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
Engin ÇAKIR 132-138

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