Vol 3, No 3 (2016)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Pol. Econ. i-iv


Theory of the Firm: A Reformulation with Primary Factors of Production and Procurement of Ingredient Inputs
Hiroaki HAYAKAWA 418-439
The Rewards and Challenges of Export-Led Strategies
Hany H. MAKHLOUF 440-445
How Efficient are the Current U.S. Beer Taxes?
Vinish SHRESTHA 446-470
Nonlinearities in Inflation and Growth Nexus: The Case of Tanzania
Manamba EPAPHRA 471-512
Equivalence of Cournot and Bertrand equilibria in duopoly under relative profit maximization: A general analysis
Atsuhiro SATOH, Yasuhito TANAKA 513-523
Testing the Efficiency of the GIPS Sovereign Debt Markets using an Asymmetrical Volatility Test
Christian Rudolf RICHTER, Bachar FAKHRY 524-535
Projections of Inflation Dynamics for Pakistan: GMDH Approach
Shahid IQBAL, Maqbool H. SIAL 536-559
Efficiency with Rule-Compliance: A Contribution to the Theory of the Firm in Islamic Economics
Tarik AKIN, Abbas MIRAKHOR 560-574
State and Governance in the Contemporary International Economic System
Levent DUMAN, Özgür ÜŞENMEZ 575-586

Book Review

Robert Dirks, Food in the Gilded Age; What Ordinary Americans Ate
Scott Alan CARSON 587-590

Conference Notes

The International Conference on Eurasian Economies 2016
Ömer UĞUR 591-593

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