Vol 2, No 3 (2015)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Pol. Econ. i-iv


Teeth Whitening and Occupational Licensing
Walter BLOCK 347-350
Struggle for Regulatory Power between States and the US Federal Government: The Case of Workers’ Compensation Insurance 1930-2000
Samuel K. ALLEN 351-373
Egalitarianism Policy and Effective Demand under Globalization
Taro ABE 374-382
The Limitations of Reductive Wealth Redistribution Strategies for Curtailing Inequality in the Era of Global Capitalism
Matthew PFLAUM 383-399
Internal Absorption and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: A new approach towards Market Size
Mushtaq AHMAD, Ferhan K. AHMAD, Muhammad Ali NASIR, Gulzar KHAN 400-410
Dynamic Links between Exchange Rates and Stock Prices in Malaysia: An Asymmetric Cointegration analysis
Hamisu Sadi ALI, Umar MUKHTAR, Ganthi Selvi MANIAM 411-417

Book Review

Sarmila Banerjee & Anjan Chakrabarti (Eds), Development and Sustainability: India in A Global Perspective
Sarmishtha SEN 418-427
Leonid Grinin & Andrey Akorotayev, Great Divergence and Great Convergence: A Global Perspective
Tony HARPER 428-433

Conference Notes

Absolute poverty in Europe
Gülçin BEKEN 434-435

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