Vol 2, No 1s (2015)

Special Issue

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter
Front Matter i-iv

Letter to The Editor

Letter to the Editor: On Economic Sociology and the Critique of Society
Werner BONEFELD 149-153


Sabri Ulgener, Economic Sociology and Turkey
Tolga KABAŞ 154-165
Is the development policy improving the gender situation in Asia?
Petr BLIZKOVSKY 166-185
A Weberian Critique of Weber: Re-Evaluation of Sabri F. Ülgener’s Studies on Socio-Economic Structure of Turkey
Lütfi SUNAR 186-196
Globalization, Poverty And Role Of Infrastructures
Alastaire Sèna ALINSATO 197-212
Making a Consensus between Economics Sciences and Islamic Ethic in Turkey
Tolga KABAŞ 213-222

Book Review

James R. Wible, The Economics of Science: Methodology as if Economics Really Mattered.
Altuğ YALÇINTAŞ 223-227
Mark Granovetter & Richard Swedberg (Editors), The Sociology of Economic Life
Alya GUSEVA 228-231
Steve Keen, Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned?
Dario Ibarra ZAVALA 232-234

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