Vol 1, No 2 (2014)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Pol. Econ. i-v

From The Editor

From the Editor
Bilal KARGI 105-107

Letter to The Editor

Letter to The Editor
Şevket RUACAN 108-111


The Determinants of NPLs in Emerging Europe, 2000-2011
Didar ERDİNÇ, Eda ABAZİ 112-125
The Global Contradiction of the 21rst Century
Jan Erik LANE 126-132
The Political Economy of Italy in the EMU: What Went Wrong?
Leila Simona TALANI 133-149
The Mechanics of Dualistic Models: "Comparable" Structures and Comparative Statics Results
Ana Paula MARTINS 150-185
A Sectorial Analysis of Possible Information leakages prior to Merger and Acquisition Deals in Istanbul Stock Exchange
Sıtkı SÖNMEZER 186-194
Making sense of China's Economic Slowdown
Yasushi SUZUKI 195-201
Reflections on the Impact of the New Economic, Sociological and Historical Institutionalism in Institutional Social Policy
Turkey’s Strategic Economic Relations with Africa: Trends and Challenges
Chigozie ENWERE, Mesut YILMAZ 216-230
Is the J-Curve a Reality in Developing Countries?
M. Ershad HUSSAIN, Mahfuzul HAQUE 231-240
Futures and Forwards Contracts from Perspective of Islamic Law
Ehab M. M. INJADAT 241-252
Does Financial Openness Affect Economic Growth in Asian Economies? A Case Study in Selected Asian Economies, 1980-2010
Hsinrong P. WEI 254-301
[School Choice: A Mechanism Desing Approach], Okul Seçimi: Bir Mekanizma Tasarımı Yaklaşımı
[Social Constitution and the form of the Capitalist State], Sosyal Yapı ve Kapitalist Devlet Sorunu
Werner BONEFELD 327-350
[Human Capital and Growth), Beşeri Sermaye ve Büyüme
Robert J. BARRO 351-358

Book Review

William Henderson, John Ruskin’s Political Economy
David Charles GORE 359-361
Vassilis K. Fouskas and Constantine Dimoulas, Greece, Financialization and the EU: The Political Economy of Debt and Destruction
Leila Simona TALANI 362-365
John Wong, The Political Economy of Deng's Nanxun: Breakthrough in China's Reform and Development
Malcolm WARNER 366-368
Mario Telò, Globalisation, Multilateralism, Europe: Towards a Better Global Governance? (Globalisation, Europe, Multilateralism)
Gustavo G. MÜLLER 369-372
Edward M. Feasel, Japan's Aid: Lessons for Economic Growth, Development and Political Economy
Dimitrios P. TSOMOCOS 373-376
Leila S. Talani, The Arab Spring in the Global Political Economy
Alan W. CAFRUNY 377-378

Conference Notes

The 67th Annual Meeting of the NYSEA, USA
Sinem BUBER 379-380
International Conference on Economic Sciences and Business Administration, Romania
Süleyman AÇIKALIN 381-382

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