Vol 3, No 1 (2016)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Lib. i-iv


Mathematical Analysis of the Historical Economic Growth with a Search for Takeoffs from Stagnation to Growth
Ron W. NIELSEN 1-23
The Impact of Governance Environment on Economic Growth: The Case of Middle Eastern and North African Countries
Noha EMARA, I-Ming CHIU 24-37
Military Spending and Economic Growth in Greece and the Arms Race between Greece and Turkey
Dimitrios PAPARAS, Christian RICHTER, Alexandros PAPARAS 38-56
Real Effective Exchange Rates Comovements and the South African Currency
Leroi RAPUTSOANE 57-68
The Path-Dependence Bias in Approximating Local Price Levels by CPIs
Konstantin GLUSCHENKO 69-76
New Result in Consumption Theory:Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
Cheng K. WU 77-81
Micro Enterprise Financing in an Islamic Economic Framework: Bangladesh Perspective
M. A. Mannan CHOWDHURY, A. J. Mohammed FAROOQUE 82-93
The Relationship Between Consumption and Income
Tai-Yuen HON 94-99
Causal Link between Trade, Political Instability, FDI and Economic Growth – Nigeria Evidence
Luqman O. AFOLABI, Nor Aznin ABU BAKAR 100-110
The Impact of Capital Expenditure on the Probability of Reelection of Mayors at the District Level in Peru
Jorge Luis GUZMAN 111-140
The Effect of Country Risk on Foreign Direct Investment: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis for Developing Countries
Mehmet H. TOPAL, Özlem S. GÜL 141-155

Book Review

Marcel Boumans, Science Outside the Laboratory: Measurement in Field Science and Economics
Attilia RUZZENE 156-162

Conference Notes

IX. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences

New Economics Books

New Economics Books
Journal of Economics Library 165-213

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