Vol 2, No 1 (2015)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
Front Matter i-iv

From The Editor

From the Editor
Bilal KARGI 1-2


An investigation of the corporate responsibility report assurance statements of the Big Four banks in Australia
Choon-Yin SAM, Paul N. C. TIONG 3-14
Survey Effects of Oil Income on Nonoil Export (Case Study: Iran)
Vida VARAHRAMI 15-17
Export boost of Textile Industry of Pakistan by availing EU’s GSP Plus.
Shah Mehmood WAGAN 18-27
The New Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law
Carlos MOURA 28-31
The “New” Growth Theory: Trade, Innovation, and Growth [Yeni Büyüme Teorisi: Ticaret, İnovasyon ve Büyüme]
Gene M. GROSSMAN, Elhanan HELPMAN 32-38

Book Review

Peter Sloman, The Liberal Party and the Economy 1929-1964.
Tomoari MATSUNAGA 39-42

Conference Notes

11th International Congress on Knowledge, Economy and Management
İbrahim KARAASLAN 43-44

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