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Front Matter
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Emigrant’s remittances, Dutch Disease and capital accumulation: The case of Mekong countries
Hiroyuki TAGUCHI, Ni LAR 295-306
How climate and agriculture fares with food security in Pakistan?
Dawood MAMOON, Kinza IJAZ 307-327
Impact of export incentive schemes on the performance of agricultural exports in Nigeria
N.M. GATAWA, Yusuf U. DANTAMA, Mohammed Bello SANI 328-334
Factors affecting the rate of unemployment in GCC countries
Abdulrhman ALAMOUDI 335-344
Measuring degree of globalization of African Countries on almost equimarginal contribution principle
Sudhanshu K. MISHRA 345-353
Common dreams, different circumstances: Lessons from contemporary development economics
Dawood MAMOON 354-356
Ownership structure in BIST - Capital structure relation Granger causality test a comparative application between BIST industrial index and service index
Gökhan ÖZER, Ali Korhan ÖZEN 357-374
A theory of wealth accumulation differences considering modern net savings gradualism the impact of unresolved long run differences in wealth accumulation on the annualized net savings in the USA
James E. CURTIS Jr. 375-380
Does globalization affect female labor force participation: Panel evidence

Conference Notes

The loonguard research institute and the 2017 conference for food and medicine governance
Xiao-Wei WEN, Fu-Sheng TSAI 388-389

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