Angelo A. Camillo (Edt.), Global Enterprise Management, Volume I: New Perspectives on Challenges and Future Developments

Isabell C. CAMILLO


Abstract. As an on-going process of integrating companies, people, and governments on an international level, globalization is driven by economic motives. International trade and investment provides opportunities for enterprises to alleviate costs, increase productivity, and compete on a global scale. Managers that lead global enterprises are faced with complex and dynamic situations for which they require practical tools and real-world solutions. Although other books have addressed globalization with respect to an individual practitioner, a relevant theory, or a particular market, Volume I brings together an international interdisciplinary team of scholars in an effort to provide a truly global perspective. Against a fragmented tapestry that makes up the current literature on global enterprise management (see international marketing/project management/human resource management for examples), the 256-page volume edited by Angelo A. Camillo, represents an ambitious attempt to bring together international talent for a collaborative effort that spans nine countries and four continents. Organized in two volumes - of which the first is herein reviewed, Global Enterprise Management showcases a collection of essays with a world-wide perspective that provides unique interpretations, theoretical considerations, and credible solutions to global enterprise managers.

Keywords. Globalization, MNE, MNC, Comparative management.

JEL. F60, N00, O30.

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