3rd International conference on social sciences & education research

Handan ÇAM


Abstract. The 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences & Education Research is an academic and scientific conference which was held  at Hotel Rome Pisana in Rome, Italy between April 27-29, 2017. ICSSER was organized by International Center of Social Science & Education Research, and hosted by Università degli Studi di Bergamo (Italy) and supported IJSSER-International Journal of Social Sciences & Education and JTTR-Journal of Tourism Theory and Research ICSSER has provided a scientific assembly for all participants all over the world to explore and discuss the different topics. The conference also provided an opportunity to learn about the current issues such as trends, latest statistical methodologies, best practices, statistical design, analysis and conclusion in social sciences and education research.

Keywords. Accounting and finance, Behavioral sciences, Econometrics, Health care management, Management information systems.

JEL. I14, I25, M41.


Accounting and finance; Behavioral sciences; Econometrics; Health care management; Management information systems.

Full Text:

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1453/jest.v4i3.1448


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