European Congress on Economic Issues-ECOEI 2017



Abstract. The European Congress on Economic Issues: Unregistered “Youth” Employment: Impacts, Policies, Remedies and Local Practices- ECOEI 2017 was held from 30 March to 01 April 2017 in Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey. This international congress was organized as part of the European Union Project-“Do not Remain Indifferent to Unregistered Youth Employment (Genç İstihdama Kayıt(dışı)sız Kalma). The project is being implemented jointly by many institutions such as European Union, The Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkish Republic and Kocaeli University. “Question of Unregistered Employment, Especially Narrowed Down to Unregistered Youth Employment” was the main theme of ECOEI 2017 and this congress was the first of the international congress series which will be planned to organize annually on a selected topic. Many paper topics such as unemployment, labor market, taxation, shadow economy, mode of production, refugee employment, internal and international migration, welfare economics, income inequality, legislation regulations and social security, labor migration and urbanization, sustainable development, poverty and human development, disadvantaged groups (women, handicapped people) and child employment were discussed from different economic perspectives with the participation of academics, specialists, practitioners etc. With this motivation more than 100 papers were presented during the congress with parallel sessions.

Keywords. ECOEI 2017, Unregistered employment, Youth unemployment, Turkey.

JEL. A10, E20, E24.


ECOEI 2017; Unregistered employment; Youth unemployment; Turkey.

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