Vol 2, No 1 (2015)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
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From The Editor

From the Editor
Bilal KARGI 1-2


Agrarian Crisis and Transformation in India
Kalim SIDDIQUI 3-22
Who have been the most harmed by the crisis? Evidence from Spain
Rosa María García-FERNANDEZ, Carmen Maria Llorca-RODRIGUEA 23-41
Guyana: A Half a Century of Struggles with Planning, Growth, and Development.
Lall B. RAMRATTAN 42-68
Fiscal Transparency, Measurement and Determinants: Evidence from 27 Developing Countries
Yves M. Tehou TEKENG, Mesbah Fathy SHARAF 69-91
Paper Lives: Certification vs. Licensure
Gaye YILMAZ 92-114
What Company Creates Investment Value Through Innovation? Google it!
Kimery LYNCH, Margaret RAY 115-117
Revisiting Neoclassical Growth Theory: A Survey in the Literature
Mayank GUPTA 118-136
Learning Heckscher-Ohlin Model in Five Easy Steps
Omer GOKCEKUS, Kevin BENGYAK 137-143

Book Review

George Ritzer and Paul Dean, Globalization: a Basic Text.
Uri RAM 144-146

Conference Notes

Bay Area Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop
Galib RUSTAMOV 147-148

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